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For The Beginning



In order for someone to start training in Aikido, it does not need anything special, but a simple tracksuit and his/her best mood! It is preferable to wear a long-sleeved tracksuit (there are exceptions in hot weather!), because in Aikido there are some exercises with clothing grabs, as well as knee walking (suwari waza) practice. Later, if, after a trial period, one has decided to continue, it is necessary to get a specific training uniform, which is called keikogi (or simply gi). This is a traditional Judo or Jujitsu uniform that includes the jacket, the pants and a white belt, which does not change color (and according to one tradition it is never washed…) until it is replaced with a black belt, that is, the rank of the first Dan.

Hygiene accessories are essential, that is a small towel, a pair of slippers for walking outside of the training floor (tatami) and some regular clothes for wearing outside of the dojo.

Furthermore, in case there is a health problem (especially for chronic diseases, such as asthma, etc.), the trainer needs to know, while it is good for the trainee to visit a doctor, before starting training, in order to get a medical clearance, something which is, of course, indispensable for any kind of physical exercise or intense activity.

Finally, because Aikido includes weapons practice (wooden sword, stick and knife), if one wants to be evaluated for his progress according to the examination system, he will have to get his own weapons, as there is weapons practice during the courses. Training with weapons outside the dojo is also essential for the trainee’s individual performance improvement.


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